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LiveJournal for Asian Drama.

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Monday, January 9th, 2006

Posted by:kik_sama.
Time:11:00 am.
Mood: bouncy.
Hi everyone. It's been a while since I posted on this -- I rarely use LJ anymore for posting things since I have my own site/blog for that. XD
Anyway, I just got a new hard drive since about a year ago I lost over 200 GB worth of my dorama and kind of gave up momentarily on following anything about it and gave more attention to college/work. Which is probably also why this community never went anywhere, hehe. But seeing as some people have joined in the recent months, which surprised me, I thought I'd give it another shot.
It's sort of embarrassing to say, but... since I've been away from the scene for about a year, all my old torrent bookmarks and whatnot where I got most of my dorama are all down. Soooooo, I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for sites to get them, and/or some series that I might've missed over this year that were very good? Thanks much~ よろしくお願いします。
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Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Posted by:mahochan1.
Time:12:49 am.
Hi! I recently joined this community because I love j-dramas and wanted to talk to other people about them and hopefully get some recommendations for j-dramas that I haven't seen. I am currently watching Hero with Kimura Takuya and I love it! Its a very gripping story.

After giving some thought to what my favorite dramas are, I have narrowed it down to two. My favorite dramas are Toshie & Matsu and Densha no Otoko.

I love Toshie & Matsu for the compelling story, and the likeability (did I spell that right?) of the characters. This drama is truly and epic and I love Sorimachi Takashi as Oda Nobunaga. "De aru ka?" ^_^

Densha no Otoko is my other favorite because the characters are so likeable and the story is so sweet and so FUNNY! The depiction of the bulletin board internet community & the side characters and stories is so entertaining. Plus there are lots of good looking actors and actresses involved, including Oguri Shun.

Yorohiku! I hope we can talk about j-dramas!
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Saturday, December 3rd, 2005

Subject:Drama's I like...
Posted by:sunshine_chan.
Time:2:49 am.
I really like the idea for this community. Being an Asian drama addict and all. ^__^

Some of my favorite drama's are: Full House, Mars, Sekai no Chuushin de Ai Sukabe, Gokusen, Shotgun Marriage, and Summer Snow. Others that I like but haven't finished yet are: 1 Litre of Tears, Nobuta wo Produce, Hana Yori Dango, It Started With A Kiss, and A Love to Kill.

I love to swap opinions on shows with other people. Hope more people join this community!
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Sunday, August 7th, 2005

Posted by:kik_sama.
Time:11:53 pm.
Mood: curious.
Oh wow, someone actually joined/posted here... lol.
Well I've been away from LJ since... well probably that last post. O_o;;;
Though I've lost over 50gigs of j-dorama from a dead hard drive, I still plan to continue getting more in the near future.
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Thursday, June 2nd, 2005

Posted by:stagnated.
Time:7:59 am.
Mood: okay.
o____o This community seems pretty dead, but I hope it won't. o_o

Well, I haven't watched many dramas, but my favorite had been With Love!!! I've seen all of Strawberry on the Shortcake and that was cute. :3

At the moment, I'm watching Koi ga Shita, Koi ga Shita, Koi ga Shita and Rooftop Room Cat/Attic Cat. ^^
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Thursday, November 13th, 2003

Subject:Community Opening
Posted by:kik_sama.
Time:4:30 pm.
     Hello and welcome. I thought I'd give making a community a try, and I noticed that there wasn't quite one soley devoted to asian drama. Anyway, I'm not very good at writing openings and stuff like that, so if you enjoy any kind of asian drama whatsoever and would like to join up and talk about anything you see fitting, please do so. Thanks.
     I'd like to start out by giving just a small little list of some series I enjoy, just as a starting reference. Perhaps if you, too, wish to join you can start out by giving your favorites. They're as follows: GTO, Strawberry on the Shortcake, You're Under Arrest, Beauty or Beast, Home & Away, Summer Snow, to Heart ~koishite shinitai~, My Sassy Girl, Bright Girl's Success, Beautiful Days.
     Although I may still be relatively "new" to many of the drama series, I still have had a long passion for asian music, anime, and movies.
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LiveJournal for Asian Drama.

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You're looking at the latest 6 entries.